Discover the Thirteen Kingdoms

The Hallowed Treasures Saga unfolds in the earth’s distant post-apocalyptic future within the Thirteen Kingdoms.

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A Guide to the Thirteen Kingdoms

The Triquetra Alliance


I. The Kingdom of Zion


Sigil: Golden Gryphon on Black

Ruled by: King Seraphim and Queen Ceridwen

Children: 1 daughter—the Princess Eluned

Capitol: Castle Mykerinos is located in Goshen

The River Musk flows southward through Zion and Castle Mykerinos is located on a plateau above the river. Other towns and landmarks include Roodspire and Muskroe, the Mountains of Misericord and the Misrule Pass.

II. The Kingdom of Aden


Sigil: Scarlet Phoenix on Gold

Ruled by: King Uriel (son of King Gavreel
and Queen Angharad, both deceased)

Children: Not married but betrothed to Princess Eluned of Zion

Capitol: Castle Bennu is located in Ponike,
which is a harbor town on the Gulf of Eudaemon

Other towns and landmarks include Batum.

III. The Kingdom of Sheba


Sigil: Red Hawk on Green

Ruled by: King Adeyemi and Queen Yobachi

Children: Three sons—Daud, Paul, and Uwem;
Two daughters—Nala and Prisce

Capitol: Salama Palace is located in Mwezi-barafu

Sheba is bordered to the east by the River Mab. Other towns and landmarks include the Desert of Serket, and Baharimoto, a port town at the River Mab delta into the Anoon Ocean.

IV. The Kingdom of Favonia


Sigil: Copper Sea Turtle on Blue

Ruled by: Queen Miryam (King Rangatira is deceased)

Children: Prince Mauri. He is married to Princess Elili, and they have three children
—one son, Prince Irirangi, and twin daughters, Leleua and Talei

Capitol: Whanga Palace is located in Seemu on the island of Favonia.

The other Favonian Islands include Hakinaipo, Hemamoku, Tapurora and Paliaina. Vailima is the main town on Paliaina, which is the smallest and most remote of the islands.

V. The Kingdom of Dyfed


Sigil: Silver Unicorn on Purple

Ruled by: King Cian and Queen Chelli

Children: Eldest child a daughter, Gittan, and a younger son, Bryan.

Capitol: Castle Abbert is located in Portuma on the Anoon Ocean

The River Leprican flows out of The Seven Sisters, a mountain range in the west of Dyfed and into Hardaigh Forest. The harbor town of Thírnagall is just west of Adamah’s western border. Bogaine is a small village to the northwest of Thírnagall.

The Awen Alliance


VI. The Kingdom of Annewven


Sigil: Crimson Dragon on White

Ruled by: King Arawn (aka The Crimson King)

Children: King Arawn is not married although he does
have a number of illegitimate children

Capitol: Castle Pwyll is located in Prythew;
King Arawn winters at Castle Emrys in Arberth on the Anoon Ocean

The River Mab forms the western border of Annewven, and the River Duir flows through the Prythew valley. Ruisidho is a village near the western border of Annewven that is home to Standing Stones atop a hillock. Avalach Forest, near Arberth, was once home to the unicorn, Nyx.

VII. The Kingdom of Simoon


Sigil: Grey Wolf on Forest Green

Ruled by: King Hamartia and Queen Foehn

Children: 4 sons: Kaiser, Jarvis, Bemot and Raynor

Capitol: Castle Rodolf is located in Sigwald

The River Duir flows southward through Simoon and into Annewven before reaching the Anoon.

VIII. The Kingdom of Adamah


Sigil: Gold Lion rampant on Silver

Ruled by: King Hevel

Children: King Hevel is betrothed to Yona

Capitol: Castle Lavieven is in Stonehelm

The mountain range of Panavhadesh runs through the center of the kingdom, north to south. It towers over Adam’s Way, a trade route running from Hashirim southward to Markheshvan. Other towns on Adam’s Way include Tobermory and Hagafen. The major port of Seagirt is located on Adamah’s eastern border on the Anoon Ocean.

IX. The Kingdom of Kamartha


Sigil: Black Satyr on Pale Blue

Ruled by: King Janak and Queen Lakshmi

Children: 3 sons: Amit, Baldev, Chetan;
4 daughters: Amala, Bala, Chandra, Divya;
Amit and Amala are twins

Capitol: Lamaxana Palace is located in Kaumari

Queen Fuchsia, the Princess Eluned of Zion’s great grandmother, is from Kamartha and grew up in the Wilds of Discord near the Kingdom’s southern border with the lost Kingdom of Pelf. Later, she returned to Kamartha to become an actress on The Masala, the theater district in Kaumari.

X. The Kingdom of Dziron


Sigil: Golden Dragon on Crimson

Ruled by: King Zhang and Queen Ling

Children: 3 sons: Qiang, Chao and Huang. One daughter: Xiang.
Princess Xiang, who is 16, is betrothed to
Prince Aahil of Tarshish who is 22 years her elder.

Capitol: Tsering Palace is in Jungnay

The Vale Vixen in the Peaks of Vulpecula was once home to the Janawar. The Peaks of Vulpecula is home to the Yeti.

The Neutral Kingdoms

XI. The Kingdom of Naphtali


Sigil: White Winged Horse on Red

Ruled by: Queen Njima

Children: She is single, having broken her betrothal
to Prince Aahil of Tarshish.

Capitol: Castle Indalo is located in Jazeel on the
western side of the Pegasus River.

The former capitol—Shamash Palace in Kamea on the Djed Sea—was deserted after the events that caused the Devastation of Pelf and formed the Sea of Blood.

XII. The Kingdom of Tarshish


Sigil: Black Cobra on Tan

Ruled by: King Dodi and Queen Chahindra

Children: 2 sons—Boutros (the eldest) and Aahil (the youngest child)
and one daughter, Huda

Capitol: Iqbal Palace is in Tartessos, a port town
on the western border with the Anoon Ocean.

Tarshish is the southernmost kingdom. Smuggler’s Bay is located to the east, and is a favorite hiding place for pirates.

XIII. The Kingdom of Pelf aka The Devastation of Pelf


Sigil: Black Kraken on Red

Ruled by: No current rulers.
King Alborz and Queen Jazmin ruled before the Devastation.

Children: 2 sons—Alborz and Gaspar;
1 daughter—Parisa. Only Alborz survived.

Capitol: Zhaleh Palace was located in Buta on
Pelf’s southern border with the Anoon Ocean.

Currently the Devastation of Pelf is inhabited by what are known as the Aberrations.