The Hallowed Treasures Saga


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About the Novel
A princess and her eclectic companions continue their quest to collect 13 mythical treasures in this epic-fantasy sequel.The book begins with Yona stealing the Hamper of Gwyddno Garanir as the remainder of her compatriots await her arrival in Favonia. From there, the Quest continues to the Kingdom of Dyfed as they search for Nyx, the unicorn wearing the Halter of Clydno Eiddyn. From Dyfed, they travel to the Kingdom of Naphtali where the must search the ruins of the previous capital, Kamea, for the Crock and Dish of Rhyngenydd the Cleric. As their adventures continue, they add two more companions to the Quest.

Kirkus Review said:
“the series continues to stand out for its foregrounding of friendship,
diplomacy, and exploration over gory sword fights.
A delightful reunion with old friends, sure to leave fans of strong female heroines craving the final installment.”


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thepathtomisery-bookAbout the Novel
Centuries after an apocalypse, Princess Eluned leaves her father’s kingdom in search of adventure and romance. Instead, she finds herself accumulating a band of compatriots for a divinely-led quest to reunite the Thirteen Hallowed Treasures in an effort to bring peace to the Thirteen Kingdoms. With the help of this eclectic group of companions, the Princess strives to overcome the evil that hangs over the court of the Crimson King. In the process, she transforms from the self-absorbed girl she had been into the strong woman she must become if she is to fulfill her destiny. This sword and sorcery fantasy is book one in the three-book Hallowed Treasures Saga.

Kirkus Review said:
“Logue brings together a splendid cast of characters with spunk, spark, and heart. Because Eluned loves books, bookworms will be abundantly rewarded throughout the tale, with frequent references to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, T.S. Eliot, Lewis Carroll, and more. Welsh mythology heavily influences the princess’s story and world, so fans of Lloyd Alexander’s classic Chronicles of Prydain series should find much to enjoy here….

“A page-turning fantasy set in a richly textured world, made all the more delightful by a thoughtful yet spirited heroine and her wonderfully oddball companions.”