Venetian Victoria

It is October and Venetian Victoria falls into her age-old pattern of keeping watch for The Captain of her Heart.


Those Were the Days. Venetian Victoria reflects on happier times.


I’ll Be Waiting, Venetian Victoria thinks as she and her raven friend Nevermore keep watch.


Venetian Victoria wonder if today will be the day she receives The Letter that will change her life.


Venetian Victoria is accustomed to waiting when things get Stormy. It helps her weather the hurricanes of life.


Venetian Victoria pauses in her reading to reflect on the Tragedy of love and life.

11102016Venetian Victoria continues the vigil in the company of her new friend, Ben.

13102016Venetian Victoria should have suspected when he gave her Paper Roses for her birthday.


And yet Venetian Victoria would be his Candle on the Water if he would only let her.

17102016Venetian Victoria would call him a Cold Hearted snake, but that wouldn’t be fair to her reptile friend.


I’m Tired Of Waiting For You Venetian Victoria writes him when no letter is forthcoming.


How You Kill Me, Venetian Victoria thinks before turning to the tarot for advice. It doesn’t look good.


I Wish I Didn’t Love You So, Venetian Victoria thinks as she contemplates death. But whose?


With The Tears of Love’s Recall, Venetian Victoria ponders her fate.

27102016Venetian Victoria decides a visit with her friend, Corinne, at Bonaventure Cemetery is in order as Tomorrow Never Knows.

NOTE: I had originally intended to photograph Venetian Victoria with Corinne at Bonaventure but the cemetery sustained so much damage from Hurricane Matthew that as of the end of October, it is still not open to the public.


But by January, it was cleaned up enough that I got to take one final photo of Venetian Victoria visiting with Corinne at Bonaventure Cemetery. And yes, she is now with The Spirit in the Sky.























Perhaps Venetian Victoria should not have taken Corinne’s advice. Now she’s Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.